>I received this from my friend Lurena today:

 Southwest U.S.A.  Tribal Prayer Request
>                            Friday, 24-Jun-2011 11:38 AM
> Wallow Fire – Special Request from the Native Brothers
> and Sisters in the SW
> Please forward as you see fit
> Hello everybody – as you can see on the news the Wallow fire in Northern
> Arizona is still uncontrollable and spreading.
> The fire has destroyed everything in its path, over 1/2 million acres so
> far, the largest fire in Arizona history. Please join us in a tribal
> to help the firefighters and all involved. Pray so the winds stop and the
> rains start (without lightning please) We want to pray for the safety of
> all. Ask for heavenly walls to protect our land and animals from fire. All
> the choppers, manpower, planes, and bulldozers are not enough, they need
> help. We are one Nation as Natives and our traditional prayers to the
> Creator as Natives can be pretty powerful; not only are our tribal lands
> stake (White Mountain & San CarlosApaches, possibly Zuni, and some Navajo
> areas), but our non-native friends also need our help. Please let us all
> connect our minds, hearts and our prayers across the miles and pray.
> Wherever you are and whatever you have plan please stop for a few minutes
> and raise your hands to the Creator to ask for help. If all of you can
> forward this message across the Nations, we can reach many thru phone and
> internet. Please start forwarding ASAP to reach as many as we can. Please
> your spiritual preference is not traditional – pray with us in however way
> you talk to the Creator.
> Thank you,
> Dorothea Stevens, San Carlos Apache Nation
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