My blog writing covers the topics of health and wellness, ancient and modern, eastern and western. I will explore ways that we can improve our lives, and each others’ lives, from creating mandalas, to massaging pets, to caring for an ill or aging friend or family member, to helping heal an injured veteran, or an abused child. I believe that changes that take place in an individual have a ripple effect in society. Bodywork and yoga and related therapies have a profound impact on the individual.

Massage Therapy and Yoga Instruction

 I can be reached at 951-303-4508 or

My yoga class at Korrie’s Pilates Place in Murrieta is Wednesdays, 4-5 PM and is a combination of mat work, breathing into stretches, passive stretches and restorative poses with balls and other bolsters.  Geared for you at whatever level you are!




 I do massage at Liz Domi’s Family Chiropractic at 1900 Sunset Drive, Suite J, in Escondido, at Korrie’s Pilates Place in Wildomar, and see clients in their homes from Riverside to San Diego.My next Mandala class is at Bravo School of Art In San Diego on Sunday, April 1st, from 2-5.

Water flows over these hands. 

May I use them skillfully

To preserve this precious planet.

Thich Nhat Hanh

I have been helping people reduce stress and pain, move with more ease, and find emotional equilibrium since 1973.  As a student, teacher, practitioner, former modern dancer and student of martial arts, writer, consultant and client, I am fascinated with the human body and enjoy working with people and their challenges at whatever their level is.My first “client” was my father.  He was fifty years old and I was eighteen.  He had a stroke when he was riding his bicycle in the mountains of New Hampshire and fell off, with no awareness of what was happening.  Fortunately someone was driving by, so he was rushed to a hospital in Hanover at which they performed emergency surgery to remove his right frontal lobe.  His struggle to recover inspired me to share with him what I knew of relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and very basic yoga.  I also massaged his back, neck and head.  My father’s healing process moved me and deepened my appreciation of people who face physical, emotional and mental challenges.

My specialty is working with the back, spine, neck, shoulders, and head, especially conditions such as headaches, frozen shoulder, neck stiffness and tension, and back and hip pain.  The technique I use is my own combination of pain-free acupressure/trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, polarity therapy and pain free deep tissue work.  I am particularly interested in working with people who have suffered from trauma, or who are experiencing post traumatic stress disorder.

I welcome opportunities to practice bodywork, teach yoga and massage to groups, and to serve as a bodywork consultant.

  • Private massage therapy or yoga sessions- $70 for 50 minutes; $35 for 25 minutes
  • Group yoga class- $12/student
  • Group yoga class in your home or office – minimum of six students
  • For instruction in the art of mandala making, the fee is negotiable.
  • I am also available to serve as a consultant for special needs clients
  • and I am a freelance writer.

In addition to writing a column about bodywork and wellness for the Californian newspaper in Temecula, CA, I have written a book, Massage and Yoga in Special Places: 30 Years of Hands On, that includes chapters on infant massage, pregnancy massage and movement, pet massage, working with the physically and emotionally challenged, trauma, PTSD, massage emergency relief teams, recovering addicts, massage and yoga for people with cancer, and hospice massage.  To Be Published Soon.

Gift certificates are available and highly recommended