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Nestled under trees and vines it is easy to drive right by All of the Above Bakery and Cafe at 27423 Ynez Road in Temecula, across the parking lot from Michael’s and Big Lots and between Allstate and Armstrong’s Garden Center.  Once inside you may think you are in a European cafe, with its friendly and peaceful atmosphere.                 . 


Although I was tempted to sample every bakery item, I began with a delicious, light but filling Mexican Quinoa salad made with organic quinoa (healthy wheat alternative), organic roasted corn, black beans, tomatoes, wine sauce, salsa, cumin and I won’t give it all away! That was more than enough for my lunch, but I was talked into trying the delicious agave (lower glycemic index than cane sugar) sweetened Upside Down Pineapple Cake; my friend was enchanted by the Black Magic Bundt Cake.  Along with the desert I tried the hot chocolate which was made with potato powdered mix.  I was skeptical but found it to be delicious.


Owner and chief baker Lorilyn Teasdale began her special needs son on a gluten free and dairy protein free (that is, caseine free) diet when he was seven years old and had been diagnosed with autism.  Certain foods were causing him to have seizures so his mother explored possible causes and solutions.  She was warned that teenage years might be extra challenging and that is when he would need to go on ADD medicines.  But he was calmer and more focused than most of his peers with similar conditions.


Her son’s challenges and strengths inspired Lorilyn to start what she called a “Starbucks for People with Allergies” and thus the current name All of the Above, referring to multiple allergen checklists.  In addition to her items being gluten free, casein free and soy free, her recipes include rice milk, powdered potato milk, coconut milk, almond milk, and for several recipes she uses ghee instead of butter.


I was interested to learn that in addition to digestive problems that result from eating dairy, gluten or soy, there is now a recognized condition called neurological celiac disease, the most extreme example being a man who ate gluten and soon after drove and crashed into a tree.  Other milder reactions include stuttering and interchanging words. 


Lorilyn made an observation about our society’s need for anti-inflammatory medicines such as aspirin, ibuprefren, Tylenol and stronger ones such as arthritis meds.  She pointed out that it might be wiser to eliminate inflammatory foods from our diets, including gluten and dairy, or at least to minimize their consumption.


Her recipes, many her own creation, also include vegan items (no animal products).  2/3 of her cookies, all her cupcakes, most muffins, carrot bundt cakes, rice and quinoa salads and half of her soups are vegan.


Lorilyn and her husband, with help from their daughter and two sons, have been in operation since May of 2010.  Their website is almost complete, which will list the soup of the day or other items being cooked that day, as well as hours and days.  Currently they are closed Tuesdays and are open for three day weekenders. 


If you want more information, go to their website at or call 951-693-4000.


Last summer my ninety year old father was hospitalized for a broken hip.  He was not getting much touch as his nurses were over-worked, and he developed a MRSA infection which meant no one could touch him without wearing plastic gloves.  In addition, his hearing aids were lost, and perhaps most challenging was the fact that he was brain damaged from an accident forty years ago.  When I got there his legs were blue from the knees down, and his feet were ice cold.  He was sleeping but seemed agitated.  I massaged his legs, feet and back.  He never woke up but when I left him he was sleeping with a peaceful look on his face.  The next morning his feet were warm and his legs and feet were a healthy color, and he was in good spirits.

Due to several complications he died several weeks later.  But during those weeks, at my insistence, he was graced with caring and loving touch from his immediate and extended family, and his entire Quaker meeting.  We in turn were graced to be sharing that sacred time with him.

Most people, like my father, appreciate caring touch.  Many, unfortunately, experience touch deprivation including people with AIDs, people with cancer and other illnesses; infants in Neo Natal Intensive Care Units, especially those who have been abandoned by their parents; people with injuries and amputations and deformities, the not very visible part of our population that is challenged with physical abnormalities; those recovering from addiction; victims of physical and emotional abuse who find it difficult to trust any touch; those suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome including victims of natural and man-made disasters and even car accidents; the elderly and the dying, and many veterans returning from Iraq who are suffering from the wounds of war. 

During times of high stress and financial hardship, healing touch is a gift you can offer someone, either done by you or if you prefer, you can find a reputable bodyworker who will work with you financially to find a price that works; most massage therapists I know offer holiday gift certificate specials.

Besides the emotional comfort of caring touch, massage therapy oxygenates the cells which increase endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers; it increases flexibility and movement in joints and eases stiffness and pain in arthritis sufferers and it gets the “chi” or life force moving, which helps us feel revitalized.  Healing touch reduces or eliminates stress related headaches, eases digestive disorders and chronic muscular pain including fibromyalgia, improves body image and speeds healing after surgery, and improves the immune system.  By increasing circulation, massage is invaluable in preventing bedsores that are so problematic, and too often life-threatening for the immobile.  It relieves agitation in Alzheimer’s patients, enhances blood pressure and pulse in geriatric patients, and helps women with all phases of the childbearing years.  Massage therapy comforts and relaxes children with attention deficit disorder, those with autism and people with many forms of mental illness.

You can start with those closest to you — your family and your immediate circle, including your pets.  My teenage daughter reminds me constantly that she needs massage to loosen tight muscles after an extreme physical work out, or to help her get to sleep when she is over-excited.  Our aging dogs need massage to help them with a myriad of conditions.

As vital as food and water is to our survival, so is touch and giving from the heart.